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Study in Germany

Germany is the home of some best Universities in the world. Germany is a land of almost 300 public Universities which offer high-quality education to the students. In Germany, the Germans believed that Education should not be considered as a commercial product so this country offers higher education in very reasonable fees. Students get a world-class and globally-accepted education which opens many doors for your better career. Germany is considered to be a country having a majority of citizens from Germany only, whereas in reality it has more than 10 million immigrants living in Germany and the majority of them hold a student visa so as to study in Germany and Indeed it adds to the diversity of Germany and makes it quite a livable country with its extravagant natural beauty and still being up to date with technology.

Why Study in Germany?

Germany has ample number of quality Universities and Colleges that provide good number of opportunities not just to the students from the country but also the students across the globe. Cities Like Berlin (Capital), Aachen, Munich and Frankfurt are designed in such a way that the come across as the safest, developed and culturally diverse cities.

Germany Being a country with an estimated population of 82 Million and GDP of 4.150 Trillion dollars has a strong presence of all the leading organizations across the globe and specifically an organization like Volkswagen has its roots in Germany. This Makes Germany one of the top contenders for international students to study and it ranks at number 4 as a destination for study abroad opportunity. Standard of living and quality approach of universities in terms of education and research studies is considered to be cherry on the top of the cake for unique opportunities.

Germany is the ideal destination to study abroad: World-class education, exciting urban life embedded in beautiful landscapes, and a welcoming culture with people from all over the globe.

Facts and figures on Germany’s higher education system

Germans somewhat ironically call their own country “the country of poets and thinkers”. Nonetheless: There are around 400 institutions of higher educations in Germany, many of which offer English-taught study programmes - about 1,000 in total. Many German universities score high in international rankings.

Tuition fees

Not only can you expect a world-class education when you study in Germany. At most universities, it is even for free. That’s right: No matter what country you come from, most schools offer their education completely free of charge. There are, of course, some exceptions: mostly private schools, or study programmes for students with prior professional experience. Good to know: If you decide to stay and work in Germany after graduation, you can often deduct previous tuition fees from your income tax.

Requirements to Study in Germany

Germany holds its strong presence worldwide in terms of technology and market value and it is a prime destination for students from all over the world to study and further explore different career opportunities. Being a Country of great history and development, People of Germany have ignited a unique fire in the heart of every individual across the Globe. Students have to apply for study permit to study in Germany and for getting study permit, few visa requirements have to be fulfilled. Though Specific campuses have their own specific requirements. In case a student seeks to study in Germany a basic requirement is:

  • Minimum 5 Bands in IELTS (Overall)
  • Minimum score of 50 percent for bachelors or masters
  • Students with gap are also accepted if they tend have a genuine reason (experience) behind their gap.
  • Passport
  • Passport-sized photographs
Student VISA
Work permit

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