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Higher education in Venezuela is free for citizens as declared under the 1999 constitution and receives 35 percent of the education budget. In 2002, more than 70 percent of higher education students came from the wealthiest of the population. To address this problem, the government established the Bolivarian University System.

The government decided to funnel money into the university system rather than concentrating on improving primary and secondary education. In 2002, there were 860,000 students enrolled in higher education, making up 11 percent of the total student population. The number increased dramatically to 2 million in 2011.

Originally created by President Huga Chavez, UBV is part of Mission Sucre, a government scholarship program. In an effort to democratize access to higher education, politicized study programs to the public with minimal entrance requirements were established. The UBV has campuses in at least 335 municipalities throughout Venezuela.

The higher education institutions are divided into universities and technical schools. Universities award students with titles that translate literally into Engineer (Ingeniero) after completion of a five-year program. Some may award Diplomados with the time to obtain one varying.

Technical students are awarded the title of University Higher Technician (Técnico Superior Univeritario) or Licentiate (Licenciado) after completion of a three-year program.

Post graduate work is awarded with master's and doctorate's degrees as in the United States.

Among the world's most biodiverse nations, with habitats including mountains, forests, plains, scrubland, rainforest, river deltas and beaches

  • Full name is the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela
  • Currency is the bolivar (one bolivar = 100 centimos)
  • Major exports include oil, steel, chemicals and agricultural products
  • Petroleum industry accounts for more than half of the government's revenue
  • Made up of 23 states and a capital district, which includes capital city Caracas

Universities in Venezuela

Venezuela has nine universities featured within the QS Latin America University Rankings 2018 - far fewer than the nation’s higher education giants Brazil and Mexico, but still a very respectable selection. Venezuela’s highest-ranking institution is the Universidad Central de Venezuela (UCV) which ranks 28th in Latin America.

Over the past decade or so, the government has increased investment in higher education dramatically, and in line with this, university enrollment has risen sharply in recent years, with almost 300% more students enrolled in 2014compared to 2000.

Thirteen new universities have been opened during the past 15 years, including the Universidad Bolivariana de Venezuela, Universidad Indígena de Venezuela, National Experimental University of Sur del Lago, Sports University of the People of the South, and National University of Arts.

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