Buddhism was introduced in Singapore primarily by migrants from across the world over past centuries. The first recorded histories of Buddhism in Singapore can be observed in the early days' monasteries and temples, in particularly Asia.

Buddhism first appeared around the Singapore Straits during the 2nd century. Given the historic status of Singapore as a British trade port and colonial state, as well as a brief period of Japanese colonial rule during World War II, over the centuries a variety of Buddhist lineages from across the globe has appeared gradually on the island. They include Japanese and Western interpretations of the tripitaka, although a substantial local presence have their origins dating back into historic South East and East Asian kingdoms.

With the advent of religious freedom in modern-day Singapore, most Singaporeans that adhere to the Buddhist doctrine are a participant of at least one Buddhist organisation, while also being actively involved in other beliefs that are presented across the diverse cosmopolitan culture. There is also an active female involvement in Singaporean Buddhism, which includes lay female followers as well as monastic nuns. Buddhists generally classify themselves as either Theravada or Mahayana.

Buddhist Study

Buddhist College of Singapore

Buddhist College of Singapore is an institution to nurture outstanding Buddhist leaders of the future. Established in Singapore, to meet the needs of the Buddhist community and serve all mankind.

Buddhist College of Singapore graduates will be proficient in English and Chinese languages and possess extensive knowledge of the Dharma. They will also be cultured, established in virtue as well as be of benefit to all sentient beings.

Buddhist and Pali College (Mangala Vihara Buddhist Temple)

The Buddhist and Pali College of Singapore was set up in 1993 as another educational project, other than the Sunday Dhamma Classes, launched under the able guidance and patronage of our late Venerable M M Mahaweera Maha Nayaka Thero. The college caters to the religious and educational needs of Singaporeans who eagerly seek ways to widen the horizon of their knowledge of Buddhism. The principal of this college is Venerable Dr. P Gnanarama Nayaka Maha Thero (Ph.D . D.Litt (Hon)).

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