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Why Buddha-portals?

The Buddha-portals is a Buddhist study portals run by the World Buddhist University. The world’s top universities offer over 1,000 English taught degree programs on Buddhism and Buddhism related subjects.

Buddhist study portals brings the solution. One platform where students get a comprehensive overview of all Bachelors, Masters, PhDs, short courses preparation and pathway programs and all online learning options on Buddhism and Buddhist related fields offered across the world and are supported with a wealth of data to choose the program that fits them best.

At the Buddha-portals, students can read all the details including full description, deadlines, course content and application requirements by selecting a program. Students can analyse if the program fits their profile and they can even find scholarships, student experiences and related study programs. Student can also learn more about the Institute, University and the countries of their interest as well as affiliations with schools of Buddhism such as Theravada, Mahayana, and Vajrayana. And students can directly move forward with the program they like best. This makes the Buddhist Study Portal of the WBU by far the handiest Buddhist study choice resource.

Apart from helping students, we help institutions by getting their programs found. They reach best fits student from all talent pools worldwide through one online channel with minimum effort.

After considering all their options students are well-informed. Only the best fitting and most interested ones will be forwarded to you. As a result, the quality and conversion of the students resend through is uniquely high and the WBU commit to this.

Students easily find the results and their analysis. The WBU provides the best enrolment effect for their investments. That’s why over 100 of institutes and universities from 80 countries participate which makes the WBU by far the most comprehensive Buddhist study choice platform in the world.

The WBU doesn’t do this alone. The WBU is very grateful to the partners to all the national and international agencies associations, Viharas and Mahaviharas, and education consortium the WBU cooperate with as well as our international student partners and the networks for use for promotion.

The Buddhist study portals commits to delivering best university student fit against lowest effort and highest cost effectiveness.

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The World Fellowship of Buddhists (WFB) is an international Buddhist organization. 

World Buddhist University is a university without walls. It plays an important role in coordinating among all Buddhist universities, educational institutes.

WFBY is the international network of Buddhist youth organizations around the world sharing the same aims of propagation and promote understanding of Buddhism to youth. 

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