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For centuries, Buddhism has occupied a leading role in education in Thailand, as well as in the nation’s spiritual and cultural life.

Today, as Thailand continues to rise to the challenges of rapid change and modernization, Buddhism retains its central role as a guide and inspiration for individuals and society.

MBU embodies the spirit of allying tradition with modernity by providing students with a vibrant contemporary education rooted in the timeless wisdom of the past.

Founded over a century ago as a seat of knowledge for monks and novices, the university has extended its academic services over the years to lay people, and has integrated many secular fields of study into the curriculum.

At present MBU offers undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate degrees programs in Buddhist studies, comparative religion, education studies and social sciences. The university has been recognized for outstanding leadership and excellence in all these areas.

MBU has also developed extensive links with the public sector in Thailand and with regional institutions. It works closely on national university policy development, for example, with the Meeting of the Autonomous Public Universities of Thailand. It provides moral and spiritual study programs to institutes such as Pongswadi Technological College and Phranakhon Rajabhat University, and it supports moral and ethical study programs for civil servants and members of the public in the Khon Kaen Provincial Administration.

Over recent decades MBU has observed a growing interest in Buddhist studies among the public. To fulfil the rising demand, MBU has extended its education services and now runs seven campuses, twelve learning centers and three colleges in different regions of the country.

In addition to higher education, MBU recently founded the MBU Demonstration School offering secondary education to novices in Loei province.

MBU treasures the legacy of Buddhism as a guiding discipline that promotes the values of peace and harmony.

We aim to educate the whole person, by cultivating academic excellence along with good conduct in line with Buddhist values.

In this spirit, MBU offers a unique learning environment. Students are oriented not only towards academic learning and study on campus, but also towards living according to Buddhist wisdom and Thai traditions. All students are required to complete a minimum of Buddhist study and a period on meditation retreat before they graduate with an MBU state-accredited qualification.

MBU embraces a wealth of human diversity. The university has long welcomed a varied population of students , including monastivs and lay persons of all ages, male and female, from different branches of Buddhism and from other religious backgrounds. This mixture enriches our learning environment and fosters tolerance towards differences among our students.

We are proud to be a highly-respected institution which produces highly qualified Buddhist heirs and scholars who understand and engage with Buddhist principles in their lives and thus promote a culture of peace and compassion in the world.


Mahamakut Buddhist University

MBU bachelor degree programs take place over five years. The first four years are occupied with theoretical studies. In the final year students are required to put their acquired knowledge into practice by engaging in different practical projects.

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