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A small but beautiful institute with an emphasis on liberal arts education.

Following changes to the regulations surrounding the establishing of Colleges of Humanities and Social Sciences, an office was opened in September 1993 to start planning for the future Dharma Drum College of Humanities and Social Sciences, allowing Dharma Drum Mountain to further pursue its goal of developing Buddhist Higher Education. Yet, the gradual decline in the number of students caused by low birth rates in combination with the saturation of the higher education market (171 universities to date) have resulted in a heightened competition over resources between Taiwan's 62 public and 109 private universities. In response to this situation, Dharma Drum Mountain decided to integrate the Dharma Drum College of Humanities and Social Sciences with the existing Dharma Drum Buddhist College so as to concentrate its resources and further develop the organization's distinctive focus.

In order to bypass the requirement for Colleges of Humanities and Social Sciences to maintain over 5000 students, and as part of Master Sheng Yen's wish to create a 'small but beautiful' school which may become 'a cradle of positive change capable of training agents for the betterment of society,' the decision was made to take example on the North American tradition of liberal arts education and name the newly-formed school the Dharma Drum Institute of Liberal Arts—or Fagu wenli xueyuan in Chinese (法鼓文理學院). With a few hundred students enrolled in its various programs, the institute will be able to offer residential accommodation and small classrooms, fostering a strong sense of community and creating an autonomous and holistic learning environment conducive to the growth of future leaders and the cultivation of an interdisciplinary outlook, a caring for life and a dedication to serving society.

With its focus on graduate programs in Buddhist Studies and the aforementioned fields of study, the school has been given the English name of Dharma Drum Institute of Liberal Arts, in contrast to Liberal Arts Colleges' traditional focus on undergraduate education. With protection of the spiritual environment as its guiding principle, the Dharma Drum Institute of Liberal Arts strives to further its goal of creating a rich learning environment for the study of Buddhist teachings as well as the humanities and social sciences and help train global citizens capable of responding to the challenges of globalization with the values of compassion, wisdom, harmony, and respect.




A Unique Learning Environment – Integrating Academic Research, Scriptural Study and Buddhist Practice

Open to monastics and lay people alike, the department of Buddhist Studies is located at the heart of the Dharma Drum World Center for Buddhist Education. Programs offered include bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees in Buddhist Studies accredited by the Republic of China’s Ministry of Education.

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