Happy New Year, 2023, into the year of Buddhist SEP


Welcome to the World Buddhist University


The World Buddhist University (WBU) is a global Buddhist think tank working under its mother organization, the World Fellowship of Buddhists (WFB). The office is located at the headquarters of the WFB in Thailand. The mission of the WB University is to contribute, through collaborative academic and education, to efforts to assist Buddhist organizations and Buddhist academia in dealing with education, propagation and prosperity of Buddhism.
In carrying out this mission, the WB University works with universities, Buddhist academies, research institutes and Buddhist organizations, functioning as a bridge between the international academic community and the WFB.

The WB University functions in accordance with the university motto: Wisdom, Balance, and Uprightness.

In recent years, WB University has been taking initiatives in developing a Buddhist Big Data (BBD) for public uses. The wbu.world will be a BBD where resources on Buddhism can be easily accessible for public uses.
The WB University has uniquely developed the Buddhist Portals to facilitate public for finding their suitable Buddhist courses offered around universities all around the world.

The WB University is gradually developing the wbu.world as a virtual source of the Buddhist e-library where all Buddhist digital materials are easily accessible for world Buddhists and non-Buddhist alike.

WB University has taken step in engaging Buddhist organizations, government agencies and academia in developing a theory and implementation of ‘Buddhist Path to Sustainable Development Goals.’

Through seminars, conferences and special activities, the WB University contributes to capacity building of the WFB members all over the world.

On behalf of the WB University, I would like to invite you to browse our web portals to get benefit from the wbu.world and latest development. Also, I would like to welcome you to contact for more interaction with us and experience the loving-kindness of the WB University community in particular and the WFB as a whole. I wish you a Buddhist informative experience that you will always remember with a loving-kindness, and that is full of happiness from the harmonious effort.


The World Buddhist University is a new university model, a university without walls. Traditional universities offer structured degrees taught by professors on campus. The World Buddhist University is a new model because its main objective is to liaise with Associated Institutions all over the world in the fields of research, training, spiritual practice, education and cultural exchange. It plays an important role in coordinating among all Buddhist universities, educational institutes, and the World Fellowship of Buddhists Regional Centers where Buddhism is taught and disseminated through the context of globalization. The WBU is a virtual university as it operates in multiple physical locations linked by the Internet.

Buddhist study portals brings the solution. One platform where students get a comprehensive overview of all Bachelors, Masters, PhDs, short courses preparation and pathway programs and all online learning options on Buddhism and Buddhist related fields offered across the world and are supported with a wealth of data to choose the program that fits them best.

Apart from helping students, we help institutions by getting their programs found. They reach best fits student from all talent pools worldwide through one online channel with minimum effort.




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