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Nibbāna: The Mind Stilled

An advanced course on the subtle components of the mind and how to understand their inner workings in order to put an end to our raging whirlpool of selfish thinking.

What is the Stilling of the Mind?

The core of dependant origination is the reciprocal relationship between consciousness and name-and-form. We think that we exist because we feel like we exist and we feel like we exist because we think we do.

Unraveling this self-perpetuating feedback loop requires significant effort to cut through our conceptual layers to see the reality of our experience unfiltered by ignorance. When ignorance is broken through, the activity of name-and-form completely stops and consciousness is unconditioned. This, just this, is the cessation of suffering.


This is an advanced course which assumes considerable prior engagement with the Pali Suttas and Buddhist Philosophy (in particular Dependant Origination and Buddhist Psychology ).

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